Start Here. Grow Forward.

Start Here. Grow Forward.

Where Community Thrives And Business Prospers.

A picturesque coastline. Terrific year-round weather. A strong, family-forward community. Ventura County delivers all of this…and so much more.

Our stunning and diverse natural environment is accented by a wealth of activities and opportunities. What better place to start fresh and grow from than here, where sandy beaches unfold mere miles from rolling hills? Home to every outdoor pursuit under the sun, and a truly pleasant place to call home.

Ventura County is a unique region where laid-back small-town charm intertwines seamlessly with all the amenities and benefits of big-city living. All within driving distance of Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, the Conejo Valley, Orange County, and the Central Coast.

We’re also home to world-class education, healthcare, arts, culture, and industry. From agriculture to technology. From tourism to aerospace. We offer the ideal launching pad to grow your business, family, portfolio, and experience.

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Small Business Success is a Community Effort.

There’s simply no place like Ventura County when it comes to accessing resources to help your startup or small business take flight. From financial resources to makerspaces, dozens of organizations and agencies are ready and eager to provide the critical assistance you need to take that next step toward your dream.

Space and Workforce Aplenty.

You’ll find it all here. Ventura County offers space for industry, land for development, high-traffic retail options, and a qualified and diverse workforce ready and eager to work close to home. Ventura County boasts nearly half-a-million workers with a median age of 41—and also draws talented and passionate employees from Santa Barbara, the Conejo Valley,  and Los Angeles County

Built-in Customer Base.

Plug into a population that’s already hungry for success, and a workforce that’s built to last. More than 470,000 white- and blue-collar workers currently call Ventura County home. The average household income here is $131,015, with a median household income of $95,847. College certificates are held by 26.5% of the population, with 20.1% having a bachelor’s degree. It all adds up to a prime opportunity to infuse your business with vibrant new life.

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Improving Industry, Economy, and Equity for Ventura County

Business Forward Ventura County is a countywide initiative committed to delivering economic development support to businesses throughout Ventura County. Supported by the Ventura County Business Liaison, the Business Forward website serves as a central resource hub outlining Ventura County business associations and incubators, chambers of commerce, government organizations, and other resources like the Workforce Development Board and the Economic Development Collaborative that both provide support and prioritize the improvement of industry, economy and equity for our region.