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Your employees are the driving force behind your operation, and their level of skills and competencies has an immense impact on how your business performs. The more capable your workers are, the more likely you are to find long-lasting growth and success as a company.

Training your employees and prioritizing their development doesn’t just benefit you. According to recent research, 57% of employees would like to update their skills, while 61% say they’re more likely to stay at companies that invest in their development.

By enrolling your team in employee training programs, you can give your people what they want, building a loyal, skilled team in the process.

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Workforce Development Resources

Thanks to myriad workforce development programs, hiring capable workers in Ventura County is easy. That said, your business may require employees with more specific or specialized knowledge, or you may simply prefer to train your staff yourself. In that case, you can take advantage of the many initiatives that support entrepreneurs with upskilling new or existing employees.

There are more than 60 training providers and colleges dedicated to educating our workforce across Ventura County. Business owners in Ventura County can access affordable (or sometimes free) employee training resources and programs through any of the following organizations:

The Workforce Development Board of Ventura County (WDBVC) administers several job preparedness programs, including:

  • The WDBVC’s Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) Program supports employers by paying for a portion of employee training costs. When you enroll in the IWT Program, you’ll meet with a local Business Solutions Representative to identify which employees may benefit from upskilling. Afterward, you’ll receive payment for some of your retraining expenses.
  • If your business has the tools and time to train workers, you could benefit from the WDBVC’s On-the-Job Training (OJT) Program. With OJT, you’ll be connected with qualified job seekers who want a job in your field—and you’ll be reimbursed for the training you provide them.
  • Skillup Ventura County – Through WDBVC’s Skillup, residents of Ventura County can participate in free online courses on business, IT, and more. Workers can use Skillup to explore more than 200 different occupations.
  • Job Connect Ventura County – Applicants to this WDBVC program gain access to specific career training at Ventura, Moorpark, or Oxnard College.

The WDBVC also supports workers with its Ventura County Workforce Resource Guide. Business solutions include job training programs, job placement services, and apprenticeship opportunities. Those looking to develop their skills can explore this exhaustive list of college programs, career training opportunities, internships, and more to discover the best path forward.

You’ll also find countless courses and career workshops geared toward adults and youth looking to improve their skills. Many of these programs are free or low-cost, giving the largest number of workers a chance to prepare themselves for employment.

Economic Development Collaborative (EDC) – The EDC runs the Ventura County Digital Upskilling Training Program, a free opportunity for business owners and employees to learn vital digital skills. Workers can even earn industry-recognized certifications. The initiative seeks to expand the opportunities and earning power of Ventura County participants by providing them with much-needed digital skills training to help both individuals and employers in the County grow.  Register your employees today.

The EDC recently launched the Workplace English Language Literacy Training for Workers, a NO-COST training program designed to serve workers who are immigrants and refugees or non-English speakers within the agriculture and manufacturing sectors. The initiative provides accessible career-aligned English upskilling courses to workers without requiring a Social Security Number unlike other training courses. Visit the EDC website for more information.

Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD) – Through its Economic & Workforce Development services, the VCCCD offers customized training programs to employers wanting to train their workers. Topics include introductory blueprint reading, social media marketing, and everything in between.

Ventura County Industry Council (VCIC) -  As the voice of Ventura County’s production economy, VCIC works to retain, grow and attract production cluster businesses and assure access to the skilled workforce essential to drive industry sustainability and growth.

Another avenue for workers seeking development is America’s Job Center of California (AJCC). From two locations across the county—one in Oxnard, the other in Simi Valley—AJCC provides job seekers free employment and training services.

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Uplifting Ventura County, One Worker at a Time

Between its high-quality educational institutes and no-cost training programs, Ventura County gives its workforce abundant opportunities to learn valuable skills. This commitment to producing capable, hard-working employees benefits every business that sets up shop in the region.

Ultimately, when you hire in Ventura County, you have a better chance of hiring someone with valuable knowledge and experience. And that improves your chances of running a successful business. It’s that simple.

Where to Start

Economic Development Collaborative (EDC)

The EDC offers a variety of targeted lending opportunities through four distinct loan programs: the Business Development Loan Fund, Childcare Investment Loan Fund, City of Ventura Business Assistance Loan Fund and the Disaster Loan Fund. The purpose of the EDC loan program is to stimulate job creation and economic activity by providing access to affordable capital.

Ventura County Community College District Division of Economic Development

The Ventura County Community College District Division of Economic Development provides technical assistance and customized training support to employers seeking to increase the productivity of their workforce. These services are provided in partnership with the three colleges in the District serving employers throughout Ventura County.

Workforce Development Board (WDB)

The Workforce Development Board of Ventura County (WDB) administers federal funds that help to support America’s Job Center locations and other no-cost and low-cost adult, youth, and employer programs and services in Ventura County. Members of the WDB include leaders from business, economic development, education, labor, government, and community-based organizations.