Land of the Economic Giants

In the humble abode that is Port Hueneme (population 21.4K), cargo is king. Port Hueneme is home to two of Ventura County’s most formidable economic giants: Naval Base Ventura County, with its 100 tenant commands and more than 19,000 personnel, and the Port of Hueneme, the only deepwater port between San Francisco and Los Angeles and a massive economic engine for the county at large.

Welcome to Port Hueneme

The out-sized economic footprints of the Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) and “The Port,” as it’s known, belie a quaint and business-friendly host city that’s big on quality-of-life and may present your business with a perfect home base of its own.

For commercial enterprises that import and export on seaward routes, proximity to the Port of Hueneme (The Port) is a colossal advantage. The Port has a reputation as congestion-free, well-managed, and environmentally friendly. Cargo runs the gamut from produce, to machinery, to automobiles, and everything in between: break-bulk, neo-bulk, and dry-bulk. Some 4,500 jobs are supported by the Port (either directly, or indirectly) with its greater economic ramifications felt far and wide, well beyond the mainland even: The Port serves as the staging area for the offshore oil rigs in the Santa Barbara Channel, making the oil industry a key sector in the local economy of Port Hueneme.

The city embraces new business activity with alacrity. The Port of Hueneme Chamber of Commerce facilitates all manner of business incubation, expedited permitting, and job-matching services for businesses looking to set up shop.

The weather here is California at its best, a subtropical paradise by the sea. Port Hueneme residents enjoy mild winters and a summer full of cooling sea breezes with an annual average temperature of 74 degrees. The city of Port Hueneme is situated just south of the Oxnard Plains. To the immediate west is a sprawling expanse of seaside bluffs, dunes, and foothills that comprise Point Mugu State Park. Amazing hiking, camping, and surfing opportunities can be found here.

Two men working on a boat.
Port of Hueneme, Port Hueneme

Port Hueneme is proud to offer the most affordable housing and the broadest mix of dwellings to be found anywhere throughout Ventura County. Take your pick from contemporary single-family homes, low-rise apartments, or beach-front condos. Whatever you choose, the end result will be comfortable coastal living at a price significantly lower than that of neighboring cities.

Don’t overlook this “Friendly City by the Sea” with its many unique advantages. It could be the perfect new home for your next business launch or expansion.

For more on Port Hueneme, check out the following stats and facts:

Port Hueneme by the Numbers


(2022 estimate, US Census Bureau)



Median Household Income

Median Household Income


Median Home Value

(owner occupied)

Median Home Value


Business Highlights

  • A geographically smaller city dominated by two regionally significant economic power players, the Naval Base and the Port of Hueneme.
  • Five major economic sectors of note: oil production (off-shore), defense, manufacturing, agriculture, and tourism.
  • An ideal staging ground for enterprises, such as offshore oil drilling and importing/exporting, that benefit from proximity to the Port.

Fun Fast Facts

  • Hueneme (pronounced “Why-nee-mee”) is a Chumash Indian word meaning "resting place" or “half way.”
  • The Port of Hueneme continues to hold the title of Greenest US Port per the 2017 International Green Shipping Summit. The Port plans to launch the world’s first ship to deliver “zero-emission” avocados to California.
  • The total land area in the city of Port Hueneme encompasses only 4.5 square miles, allowing the 24 sworn officers of the city police department to boast response times of under five minutes.

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