Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

The essence of entrepreneurship goes beyond mere ideas and bringing them to market. It’s about finding an environment that champions innovation, offers robust support, and inspires consistent growth.

Ventura County's entrepreneurship ecosystem stands as a beacon for those with ambition—a comprehensive, thriving network that magnetizes the entrepreneurial spirit.

A man is working on a robot at a table.
Fathomwerx, Port Hueneme

Resources for Entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur's journey is multi-faceted, and here in Ventura County, we offer resources to help you every step of the way:

  • FathomWerx is a technology-based collaborative that includes the Economic Development Collaborative, Matterlabs, NAVSEA, NAVFAC, and the Port of Hueneme. It is a public-private laboratory, community, and resource for technological innovation that fuses small and non-traditional companies, academic institutions, and other Department of Defense stakeholders to work on the most challenging problems in military, port, and maritime domains.
  • Cultivate & Ignite Tech Program is a specific portion of the EDC Small Business Development Center that provides the region’s tech entrepreneurs with NO-COST expert advising, training sessions, pitch panels, local accelerators, and resources in key tech development areas.
  • 805 Startups –  A dynamic entrepreneurial community and peer support group fostering innovation, support, and collaboration for startups in Ventura County.
  • Foundry 805 is set to open in 2025. The new 25,000-square-foot mixed-use facility will be a regional economic hub that thrives on innovation, connectivity, and the unique strengths of our local residents and businesses through inclusive placemaking. Foundrey 805 is more than a space; it's a dynamic, cohesive environment with programs both on and off-site designed to foster connections, inspire innovation, and contribute significantly to our community's economic growth.
  • iHub – Ventura County’s Inclusive Innovation Hub is a technology and resource program that helps facilitate growth for entrepreneurs and companies in technology. Reaching underserved and underrepresented companies, iHub2 collaborates with a broad partnership network of service providers throughout the region to offer a wide variety of networking, mentoring, and industry-focused events, workshops and networking events.
  • RC Makes – Operated by students at Rancho Campana High School, RC Makes offers a range of services, including a community makerspace, a build-to-spec job shop for individual and business customers, support for startup businesses, as well as expertise in video production, software development, and graphic design.
  • Ventura BioCenter – A biotech business incubator offering labs and tools with an expanding community of scientists, engineers, educators, business and marketing experts, and dedicated volunteers. Their collective promotes scientific research and fosters biotech business growth within Ventura County.
  • Idea Center | STEMbassadors – Launched in 2022, the Idea Center is a permanent makerspace that offers marginalized youth the opportunity to bridge their education with innovation. High school students partner with local businesses and community members in Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, and Art.

Studies show that entrepreneurs are empowered by their physical surroundings, including the natural environment and the cities they live in. It’s all about finding inspiration for sparking new ideas and reigniting the entrepreneurial spirit. Ventura County offers a perfect landscape for fostering an innovative and restorative mindset, ensuring entrepreneurs maintain balance and fulfillment in their pursuits.

Hummingbird Trail Hiking, Simi Valley

Choose Ventura County

The entrepreneurial ecosystem of Ventura County encompasses far more than simple business endeavors. It promises a perfect blend of professional opportunities and personal rejuvenation, making it the ideal locale for entrepreneurs looking to achieve success while enjoying a thriving quality of life.

The heartbeat of entrepreneurship is felt most profoundly where innovation is not just recognized but revered, where resources are not just available but abundant, and where growth isn't an individual dream but a collective vision.

Ventura County embodies all of these virtues and more. Here, growth isn't just a goal—it's a way of life.