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CSUCI, Camarillo

Colleges & Universities in Ventura County

Ventura County is home to a thriving educational landscape, boasting a variety of colleges and universities that offer diverse opportunities for academic and personal growth. From Ventura College to California State University Channel Islands, these institutions provide a rich array of programs and resources to cater to a wide range of educational goals. Whether you're pursuing higher education, vocational training, or lifelong learning, Ventura County's colleges and universities are dedicated to fostering intellectual development and preparing students for success in a rapidly changing world. These institutions serve as hubs of innovation, producing a talented workforce equipped with the skills and knowledge required by local industries. Explore the dynamic and inclusive educational community that defines Ventura County.

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Ventura College, Ventura

California Lutheran University (CLU)

Founded in 1959, California Lutheran University is home to more than 3,000 undergraduate and 1,300 graduate students who come from nearly 50 countries and represent a wide variety of faiths. Our dedicated, accomplished faculty works with small classes of students who are open-minded—about ideas, about people, and about faith—and are seeking to grow as individuals. Both in the classroom and outside of it, everyone at Cal Lutheran is committed to helping students pursue their passions, discover their purpose, and follow that purpose to transform their community and the world.

California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI)

California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) is a four year public university established in 2002. Placing students at the center of their educational experience, the university mission rests on an internationalized, interdisciplinary, and multicultural curriculum based on community engagement, study abroad opportunities, and a diverse campus community.

Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics

The Martin V. Smith School of Business & Economics at CSU Channel Islands offers Graduate-level programs in Business and Biotech. It also presents a series of inspiring talks throughout the school year. Its Entrepreneur and Small Business Institute (ESBI) has courses in consulting, which offer student advisers to help local businesses.

Thomas Aquinas College

Thomas Aquinas College offers a classical Catholic liberal education. The College’s program consists of an integrated and orderly study of the liberal arts and sciences, beginning with the fundamental arts of the trivium and quadrivium, proceeding through the natural and political sciences, and culminating in theology.

Ventura Adult Continuing Education (VACE)

VACE offers skill development in accounting, video production, graphic design, and more. Their free workforce development program provides classes for Microsoft Office and other computer competencies.

Ventura County Community College District (VCCCD)

Ventura County Community College District provides students in its diverse community with access to comprehensive quality educational opportunities that support student learning and student success.