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6 Tips for Managers to Ensure Greater Employee Engagement at Work

The role of a manager in any business enterprise extends beyond understanding the on-job requirements and delegating the right job to the right person. An effective manager with great interpersonal skills can influence and engage the employees, ensuring a greater level of productivity. Disengaged employees drain precious resources. As a manager, it is essential that you train your team continuously to ensure all-round employee development and maximum productivity.

Here are a few practical tips that you can apply as a manager to ensure greater employee engagement at work:

1. Promote Feedback

Find time to rate and give feedback on the employee’s performance. This entails recognizing good performance and highlighting areas that require improvement. You can also encourage your employees to share their feedback on different company-related matters, thereby promoting a healthy work culture.

2. Be a Listening Boss

Pay attention to practical ideas shared by your team.  This way, you can show that you respect and value their opinion. After all, the employees directly interact with the customers every day and therefore can provide a better perspective of key pain points worth addressing.

3. Challenge Your Staff to Improve

Take advantage of periodic assessments to determine each employee’s strengths and weaknesses. Give them tasks that are outside their comfort zone, challenging them to improve their skillset.

4. Help Employees Gain Confidence

Employees tend to feel more confident in their capabilities when you recognize their efforts and accomplishments. Be sure to acknowledge good results and improvements in their overall performance to encourage them to do better.

5. Don’t Be Too Harsh on Occasional Failure

Recognizing that your staff won’t always get things right is a crucial component of employee coaching. It doesn’t mean that you ignore mistakes. Instead, let the employee explain the situation and how they intend to fix it and prevent a recurrence of the same.

6. Help When Needed  

Instead of always telling people what to do, take time to help them do it. You can help them by answering their questions or suggesting alternative strategies. Always be approachable and let the employees know that you’re there to help them figure out difficult challenges.

Human resources are the most valuable assets of any business organization, and as a manager, it is up to you to ensure that they feel valued and appreciated for what they bring to the business. Would you like to explore more insights into human resources topics, including employee coaching? Contact us at Business Forward Ventura County to access resources and tools to help your company grow.

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