7 Tips to Effectively Market Your B2B Brand on Social Media in 2022

B2B social media marketing enables businesses to create brand awareness and develop valuable relationships. However, it’s important that you select the right platform and devise an effective plan first to build credibility and trust.

Here are seven ways in which you can boost your B2B social media marketing in 2022.

1. Pick the Right Platform Based on Goals

According to Sprout Social, 83% of B2B marketers leverage social media with key objectives in mind. Your time and energy will be best spent when you focus on a few key platforms that match your goals. Here are the three social networking sites that your company can leverage:


LinkedIn differs from other social media sites in that it’s predominantly used for professional or business-related reasons. No wonder it’s the most effective social media channel for B2B lead generation. According to HubSpot, the platform’s lead-to-sale conversion rate is 2.74%, with the other options scoring below 1%.


Almost everyone’s on Facebook, which has over 2 billion monthly users. A Statista report shows that 40% of B2B marketers have an active presence on the channel. Facebook is a great place to establish brand authority and customer loyalty through value-adding and engaging posts. You can also use Facebook to advertise your products.


While Twitter isn’t as popular as Facebook, its 300+ million monthly users make it an excellent lead generation channel. You can utilize it in different ways to build valuable relationships with B2B buyers and company executives. It’s particularly effective in content marketing—sharing short text, videos, and infographics on Twitter can help you educate your audience and foster closer relationships.

2. Boost Traffic and Engagement with Informative Content

Sharing informative content on social media allows you to prove your brand’s value to the top corporate executives who follow your business page. Instead of having a sales-focused strategy, consider posting educational explainer videos to boost engagement and reach.

3. Increase Your SEO Rank with Optimized Content

Make sure your social media videos are optimized for search engine visibility. Incorporating keywords in your playlists, video descriptions and any other accompanying text enable Google to find and rank your content.

4. Expose Your Brand’s Human Side

By using the right tone and engaging in friendly conversations, you can make your brand more relatable. Your audience will connect better when you share stories, facts, or research that depicts your brand’s personality.

5. Embrace Social Media Groups

Social media groups allow you to implement targeted engagements, which can boost your lead-to-sale conversion rate. Identify specific groups that are relevant to your niche and industry and initiate conversations with like-minded members.

6. Paid Advertising on Social Media

With 83% of marketers using social media ads to grow their reach, paid advertising is their second most successful marketing strategy, after SEO. It’s important that you create and deploy ads that match your strategic goals, such as boosting lead generation or expanding brand awareness.

7. Socialize in a Fun, Engaging Way

You can make your brand more relatable by sharing “behind-the-scenes” elements of your business. These can include the team/personalities behind your brand or interesting aspects of your everyday workflow. Share fun facts or quizzes and repost user-generated content to spark conversations and brand engagements.

Social media is a great B2B marketing tool, but you need a meaningful, active presence on it to maximize the impact. For professional guidance in implementing effective marketing strategies in Ventura, contact us at Business Forward Ventura County today.

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