Exploring Hidden Gems of Ventura County Part III
Exploring Hidden Gems of Ventura County Part III

Exploring Hidden Gems of Ventura County Part III

Wrapping up our list of top destinations in Ventura County are the cities of Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo.

  1. Ventura

    Ventura is known for its rich history, dating back thousands of years. Also known as San Buenaventura, the city hosts the county headquarters. It teems with life and energy all year, no matter where you look, offering some breath-taking coastal panoramas and must-see world-class attractions.

    When you visit Ventura, be sure to check out these amazing destinations:

    • Ventura Harbor

      Ventura Harbor is a great destination for families, groups, or individuals, offering some stunning amenities for everyone’s enjoyment, including kids. The broad range of water activities is worth exploring, from kayaking and boat rides to windsurfing and stand-up paddle-boarding. This scenic seaside destination is also a gateway to remarkable beach trails and the Channel Island National Park.

    • Olivas Adobe Historical Park

      Perhaps, nothing epitomizes Ventura’s rich history better than the Olivas Adobe. Featuring elements of the antique Monterey architecture, the building dates back to 1847 and was the home of the legendary Don Raymundo Olivas. Not only can you take a guided tour of the historic landmark, but you can also organize community and recreational events.

  2. Oxnard

    If concerts, festivals, culture, nightlife, and pristine beaches are some of the exciting things that tick your boxes, consider visiting Oxnard, about sixty miles northwest of Los Angeles Airport.

    The beach city offers plenty of attractions, including:

    • California Strawberry Festival

      The Oxnard Strawberry Festival celebrates the people’s deeply established culture, lifestyle, and vibrant economy in this notable part of California. The annual event features a broad array of fun activities and attractions, including food booths, concerts, and more!

    • Oxnard State Beach and Park

      You can locate this family-friendly gem in the middle of Oxnard Shores and the Embassy Suites Resort. The extensive strip of pristine white sand boasts expansive lawns and towering palm trees, creating an ideal picnic site. Its playgrounds for kids, free public barbecues, restaurants, and nearby attractions are more than worth your time.

  3. Camarillo

    An ideal climate, shopping facilities, and beautiful recreational parks are some of the delights worth exploring in Camarillo. Founded by Adolfo Camarillo, the Californian city of 68,122 inhabitants sits in the Ventura coastal valley between Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

    Here are some fun places you can visit while you are in Camarillo:

    • Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing Museum

      The Commemorative Air Force Southern California Wing Museum famously showcases the history of flight and warplanes involved in World War II. At the museum, you can experience the adventure of flight aboard antique fighter jets or enjoy air shows like the Wings Over Camarillo exhibition.

    • Cantara Cellars

      Some of the finest red and white wine is produced at the Cantara Cellars. If you’re a wine enthusiast, check out the winery on the outskirts of Camarillo, where you can enjoy special cellar tours and wine tastings.

Besides offering some top tourist attractions, Ventura County has a vibrant, multi-industry economy. Would you like to explore viable business opportunities in the county? Feel free to contact our team at Business Forward Ventura County for help getting started!

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