How You Can Promote Social Justice in Your Community: 14 Ways to Make a Difference
How You Can Promote Social Justice in Your Community: 14 Ways to Make a Difference

How You Can Promote Social Justice in Your Community: 14 Ways to Make a Difference

According to the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA), social justice encompasses three essential elements- equal rights, equal opportunity and equal treatment. With these fundamental values in mind, social justice translates to equitable opportunities and equal rights for all. Therefore, businesses owners and managers, like every individual and organization in society, have a responsibility to advance social justice in their community as well as throughout the world.

Here are a few ways in which you can advance social justice in your community.

  1. Check What You Believe

    Many people hold beliefs handed to them in their childhood, and they shape how they view and advocate for social justice. To be an effective advocate for social justice, you should continually re-evaluate your habits and beliefs through learning, self-reflection and being open to growth.

  2. Research Social Justice Issues

    Getting to know how you can advocate for social justice can be overwhelming. The first step should be to research the various social justice issues within your community, as well as how they are being handled. By educating yourself, you’ll get insights into the issues’ historical context, their current state and what you can do to advocate for further change.

  3. Partner with Local Organizations

    Many social justice advocacy groups, such as American Civil Liberties Union, have local bodies across the United States. To get involved and cultivate connections, seek out local activist groups and organizers.

  4. Participate in Your Community

    Familiarize yourself with social justice issues within your community by reading local newspapers, watching the local news and keeping tabs on other relevant sources. You can also write and make calls to the elected leaders about those issues.

  5. Create Awareness Through Social Media

    Social medial platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, are effective tools for sharing information with large audiences. You could use social media to create awareness, build a community and collaborate around important social justice issues.

  6. Protest Where Needed

    Posting information about social justice issues on social media is great, but you may also participate in demonstrations or events related to issues you’re passionate about.

  7. Volunteer and Donate

    Take time to support those organizations that really need assistance. Volunteering will also give you an appreciation of what you have and empower you to solve more social justice issues. Cause-oriented organizations appreciate any financial support that enables them to further their goals. Sites such as Charity Navigator can help you find reputable cause-oriented organizations that you can support financially.

  8. Participate Politically

    Support political candidates, both locally and nationally, who advocate for those social justice issues that matter to you.

  9. Reach out Through Local Radio

    Many radio talk shows ask listeners to offer their perspectives on various social justice issues. This is a good way of participating in the conversation and sharing your thoughts with more people.

  10. Get Involved with Local Colleges or Universities

    Local student-run organizations could already be focused on the social justice issues that you’re passionate about. As an entrepreneur or business manager, you’ll be setting a great example for the students by being part of such organizations.

  11. Know Where to Invest

    There are now many investment funds that focus on social justice issues such as racial and gender diversity and environmental sustainability.

  12. Support Minority-owned Businesses

    Support local enterprises that advocate for social justice and pay attention to the smaller, minority-owned businesses.

  13. Support Those Who Speak out Against Injustices

    If there are musicians, author, and other artists who use their talent to advance social justice issues, support and share their work so that they can be heard by a wider audience.

  14. Be Compassionate

    Your advocacy for social justice should begin at home. Before your urge others to change their actions and words, you should first look at your own actions and words.

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