8 Reasons Your Business Must Leverage Video Marketing

8 Powerful Reasons Your Business Must Leverage Video Marketing

Video content has become a powerful marketing tool that’s difficult to ignore. About 86% of companies are using it, and 92% consider it a vital component of their strategy, according to Wyzowl.

Here are a few reasons why you should incorporate video marketing for business success.

  1. To Increase Conversions and Sales-You can generate more money with videos. For example, including a video on your landing page can boost conversions by 80%. Similarly, video marketing for your business can bring direct sales. About 74% of users told Wyzowl that they bought a product after watching its explainer video.
  2. To Boost Your SEO Leads-Embedding videos on your business web pages can help generate more SEO leads. You can count on this promise because Google’s algorithm nowadays prioritizes search results with unique and rich content, including video. According to Forrester, video has a 50 times higher chance of coming up on the first search results page than other forms of web content. It can increase your SEO traffic from SERPs by 157%.
  3. To Increase Your Online Marketing ROI-Most marketers today report a good return on investment with video marketing for business. There will be costs to produce high-impact video content, but the payoff is always worth the investment. Besides, you can leverage online video editing platforms that are increasingly getting better and becoming more affordable.
  4. To Build Brand Trust More Cost-Effectively-To be effective in content marketing, you must prioritize building trust and long-term relationships before going for sales. Videos should be an integral part of your strategy as it’s extremely powerful in generating engagement and igniting emotions that are essential in trust building. You can use it to market your products in a conversational manner and generate more sales.
  5. To Grow Your Mobile Reach-Studies show that 90% of prospects watch videos on mobile devices. With the consumer preference to watch videos on the go and the rising number of smartphone users, your marketing video views can grow quickly. Just make sure to adapt the content to the environment and mobile experiences that your target audience expects.
  6. To Lower Your Website’s Bounce Rate-Video marketing for video owners can help reduce the bounce rate for web pages. Since the content is highly engaging, it can keep visitors 2.6 times longer on your site. Google will rank your website highly once you lower the bounce rate, enabling you to grow your organic traffic.
  7. To Increase Sales with Explainers-The versatility of video allows you to use it to explain your newly launched products or services in a conversational, high-impact manner. Nearly 100% of consumers say they’ve watched such a video to learn how a product works. Equally effective are animated videos that bring life to concepts that are otherwise difficult to explain to prospects.
  8. To Increase Your Brand Exposure with Social Shares-Social media users love videos, and 76% of them don’t mind sharing such branded content with friends if it's entertaining. By increasing social shares, you can attract more traffic to your business website and leverage opportunities to convert from there.

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Video marketing for business owners is an incredibly powerful strategy to attract customers and increase sales. Would you like to access more insights and resources to grow your company in Ventura County? Contact us today at Business Forward Ventura County to get started!

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