Fall Business Ideas

10 Fall Business Ideas to Start Your Own Venture Today

Starting a business in the Golden State is what an increasing number of people want to do instead of a 9-5 job. Part-time work, such as a consultancy or delivery service, can plant the seeds of a full-time business. Here's a look at how Ventura and California offer fall season small business opportunities.

California supports new businesses

America's most populated state is home to over 4 million small businesses, which represents 48.5 percent of the state's workforce. California supports small businesses with tax relief initiatives and access to capital. During the pandemic, Governor Newsom signed AB 1577, which allows small business owners in the state to exclude PPP loans from state taxes. In terms of federal relief, the state secured
$30 billion for small businesses.

During the pandemic the state authorized sales tax relief and waived the minimum franchise tax for new businesses. State relief has provided $125 million in small business loans, a majority of which have gone to women-owned and minority-owned firms.

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Why do people want to start their own venture?

The pandemic was a turning point in many people's lives. It gave them time to assess their careers and reconsider their goals. After working at home, many professionals favored the flexibility and independence it provides. The next logical step for many Californians is to launch their own business.

Start a low-scale business in autumn

The fall is an excellent time to start a new business, as many people reset their plans following summer. In the fourth quarter, spending typically rises, presenting countless opportunities for new players entering the market.

List of business ideas

  • Lawn Care Services - Many homeowners will pay to rake their leaves regularly in the fall.
  • Weatherproofing Homes - If you understand how to use caulk on windows and doors, you can help homeowners save on their winter energy bills.
  • Running Errands - Starting an errand or delivery service doesn't require much beyond a vehicle and a dedication to meeting deadlines for clients.
  • Party Consulting - Offices and families plan year-end holiday parties and often need help preparing and sending invitations. They also need help with budgeting for a large group.
  • Baking and Cooking - Learn recipes for serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then post your cooking services on community bulletin boards.
  • Home Care Services - Take care of seniors by assisting them with mobility and other personal needs.
  • Rent Electronic Equipment - If you've collected various electronic equipment, make it available to those who need to rent it for a reasonable price.
  • Tax Preparation - To become a tax preparer in California, you'll need financial education and licensing. It's independent work worth pursuing since there's a large market for people who need help with their taxes.
  • Email Marketing - Invest in an email marketing software platform that allows you to build automated marketing lists. Then sell marketing services to small business owners.
  • Cleaning Services - Once you build up cleaning supplies, you can offer cleaning services to members of your community.

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Starting a business is exciting and rewarding but can also be challenging. It helps to work with a team that specializes in guiding startups. If you need any assistance in starting your own business, contact our experts at Business Forward Ventura County today. We are here to help turn your business idea into reality.

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